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Opening in 1993, Steamroller Copies was born to serve. Founder, Gail Bevans, had been a flight attendant with Pan American Airways serving First Class passengers while also serving on many community boards in Southern Utah. Many of her tasks required her to be involved often with print buying. Over 2 years of weekly print buying, she noticed not one employee at her local print shop ever remembered her name or anything about her ongoing projects. Gail saw the potential to open a family business that all 6 of her children could be part of, and a business to run after her retirement with the airlines. This led to the decision of opening her first Steamroller Copies.

Why “Steamroller”? The Steamroller name came after a trip with her son to New Zealand. Walking down the street in Auckland, Gail and her son saw a large Steamroller repairing a road.


The two were talking about how to open their first print shop. Gail turned to her son and said, “We’ll name it Steamroller and we’ll steamroll the competition with First Class service.” The name remains to this day and Gail’s dream of world class service in a print shop is represented in states all over the nation. 

Steamroller Corporation continues to have cutting edge technology and products. We strive to provide an easier buying experience with top notch customer service. Choosing Steamroller Corporation to help you run your business will give you the peace of mind you are working with the best, but more importantly a company that truly cares for your company as if it was its own. 


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