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Wood Signs

  • MDF 1/2"
    Medium Density Fiberboard is made from wood fibers bonded with resin. It is more dense than plywood, and has a smooth surface without grain.
  • MDO 1/2" - Primed 2 Sides
    Medium Density Overlay board has a smooth surface with minimal grain on each face, bonded to a plywood core. MDO works well for exterior use as it stronger and weighs less than MDF.
  • Wood Print - 1/4"
Drilled Holes:
  • Drilled Holes - 4 Corners
  • Drilled Holes - None
  • Drilled Holes - Top and Bottom Center
  • Drilled Holes - Top Corners Only
White Ink:
  • Flood White Ink
  • Spot White Ink
Wood Hanging:
  • Wood Hanging Hardware - Small
  • Command Strips - Large
  • Command Strips - Medium
  • Command Strips - Small
  • Wood Hanging Hardware - Large
  • Wood Hanging Hardware - Med

MDK Heavy fabric, a slight stretch, precise knit and excellent color display

We can produce graphics in a variety of size, the roll width is limited to a 59” wide print, before paneling. If you need larger than 59" inches on the shortest, please contact us directly to order.

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